About the Aruba Instant On
ACTION Partner Club

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About Aruba Instant On ACTION Partner Club

About Aruba Instant On ACTION Partner Club

The Aruba Instant On ACTION Partner Club Program is designed for partners who sell SMB networking solutions. Through the program, partners can engage with Aruba Instant On, get access to the latest news on cutting-edge solutions, boost their knowledge of networking, engage with industry peers, improve sales performance, and get rewarded for selling Aruba Instant On to SMBs.

Who can sign up

Who can Sign Up

The program is intended only for companies that do not have an existing HPE contract. Partners with an Aruba Platinum, Gold or Silver status are not eligible to enroll in the program.

A managing director, or a delegate appointed by the managing director, who is authorized to accept the program terms and conditions on behalf of their company, is eligible to register for the program. Once the new account is approved, additional users, including sales and presales representatives, will be able to register for the program.

How Aruba Instant On Reward Works

After registering for the program, your company will earn rewards based on the Instant On products you sell. You can earn a 2% cash bonus* on your eligible Aruba Instant On sales. Cash bonuses will only be credited if the amount is more than USD$15.

Redemption of Incentives

Once HPE’s fiscal quarter has ended, the company’s owner/manager will receive instructions on how to transfer any earned rewards to the company’s bank account.

Incentives earned must be redeemed within 30 days of the end of the HPE financial quarter, otherwise the points will be forfeited automatically.

Engage with Aruba Instant On Community

Connect with your peers in the Aruba ACTION Partner Club and receive tips and tricks, webinars, product insights, and training on cutting-edge SMB network solutions.

*Terms & Conditions apply.

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