About Program

First person to sign up via the registration page must be the managing director or delegate legitimated by the managing director that can accept the program's Terms and Conditions on behalf of the company. Upon system approval of the delegate account, subsequent users could then be registered . Please keep in mind that the program is intended for Proximity partners only (Not Aruba Platinum, Gold, Sliver, Business Partner).

"The first person who registered the company will be responsible for the program. He/she is automatically assigned as the company's owner/manager role with extra privileges assigned. This role could be transferred later to anyone within the company by using the "company management" menu. After the company account has been approved and login credentials have been received, it's time to invite your other sales rep colleagues by using the "company management" menu. By sending out an invitation, your colleagues will receive an e-mail with an invitation link to register in Aruba ACTION Partner Club. "

Once new partner is registered, a One-time set up of Bank Account information is required from company's owner/manager: Aruba ACTION Partner Club rewards will be credited to the registered bank account after every quarter closed.

Stay engaged with Aruba ACTION Partner Club, so that you don't miss any special opportunities and get latest feeds on cutting-edge solutions. You will also gain insights from attending webinars and product training that are beneficial for your business, and converse with peers on the Aruba Instant On Community.

Aruba ACTION Partner Club allows you to earn attractive rewards such as free units and cash rebates, by selling Aruba SMB products.

"As soon as the Aruba ACTION Partner Club quarter is over, the company's owner/manager will receive instructions on how to transfer the incentive earned in Aruba ACTION Partner Club to the company's bank account.

In all scenarios, the company's owner/manager must take action within 30 days of receiving the notification, otherwise the incentive earned will be forfeited."

EMEA Webinar: ACTION Partner Club overview and portal demonstration

Webinar covering how the Aruba ACTION Partner Club gives you 2% Cash bonus on sales of Aruba Instant On Small Business products if you are not already an authorised Aruba Partner Ready for Networking Partner. We show how to access the ACTION Partner Club Portal for Aruba Instant On enablement content, sales and marketing materials, online support and dashboard view of your cashback and training status.

ACTION Partner Club Introduction

New to ACTION Partner Club? Find out more how to register to ACTION Partner Club and earn rewards when you sell Aruba products. Hurry, join us today!

Click here to download Webinar slides.

Click here to download ACTION Partner Club Introduction slides.